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Celebrating 10 YEARS of TC Treasure

A yearlong, statewide treasure hunt — with a prize of up to $1000!
February 10-December 10, 2024

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Clue Five

Take a trip and give a flip
To a coin among the pines—
A soaring site, first in flight—
Arranged in tidy lines.

Find a purse—shift to reverse
With a Jeffersonian air;
One of the greats, Thomas waits
On the nickel over there.

Clue Four

Take a peek down by the creek
For a taste of the secret sauce;
Find a coin where waters join—
Just make your way across!

The park entails a cure for what ails;
It bears a felicitous name—
In memory of the brotherly love
That brought the town its fame.

Clue Three

This town's namesake is a local lake,
But it's not the place to be;
The spot can be found the other way ‘round—
A name that's the same is key.

To track down that bounty, search in a county
That shares a border with this 'un—
Where public perusing could be confusing;
Maybe the park should rechristen?

Clue Two

Whoever is certain will lift the curtain,
Knowing the key to our quest—
It is, however, a trick to be clever,
So put yourself to the test!

As you make your way 'round the lake
Embarking from west to east,
Trace the edge, through moss and sedge;
Reckon to most from least.

If you're still not certain what you should do,
You might revise how you parse the clue.

Clue One

Converge at the core of boroughs four;
Ride through the Governor's greenery
On parkland pleasant, from past to present,
And over the spiritous scenery.

To center your thoughts and locate our spots
On the southwestern side of the Park,
As flies the sparrow, follow the arrow
Northward to make your mark!

TC Treasure Ten-Year Party

and Great Twin Cities Treasure Hunt Kick-off
July 26, 2024
Hourglass Café & Bar

Clue Six

August 10, 2024

Clue Seven

September 10, 2024

Clue Eight

October 10, 2024

Clue Nine

November 10, 2024

Clue Ten

December 10, 2024


Since 2015, TCTreasure has designed and crafted one-of-a-kind treasure hunt
adventures throughout the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & Saint Paul—and beyond.

THE GREAT TWIN CITIES TREASURE HUNT starts the fourth week in July.

If you're interested in commissioning a hunt for your corporate promotion, team-
building event, special occasion, or other group outing, say hello@tctreasure.com!